April Showers Bring May Hires

As business continues to expand, we enter new states and add more positions across our team. The need for technology experts expands with each month and each new project presented to us. As we start to grow in numbers, we are continuing to focus on our core values of efficiency, trust, and commitment.

While growth is exciting, it comes with challenges. New states, new laws, new taxes, and emails full of counteroffers. The big questions came up of, “how do I write you a counteroffer” and “how do we answer a counteroffer?” It can be difficult for someone early in their career. On the employer side, It makes you wonder if you misread the room and may be at risk of having more positions open than you were initially intending. The time spent in interviews, coaching, and preparation of a candidate may be lost in a flash. However, it can be managed and is taken seriously by our team. Here are some of our observations of great counteroffers.

Our candidates understood every part of their original offer and what it meant to their situation. The future employees who wanted to negotiate items such as salary range, provided a formal letter. The formal letter is to make the employer aware of your desired salary, any contingencies or benefit exemptions, and justification for the counteroffer. Some data points we saw that were helpful were time on the job, recommendations from previous employers, current salary, etc.

Once we receive a formal counteroffer, our team reads through it, looks at rates allowable on our contracts, the cost of living at the job location, years of experience, and begins the process of a new offer or decides that the counteroffer cannot be supported. An example of a successfully negotiated counteroffer included exemptions from certain company benefits to allow for the additional cash in hand for the employee.

The process above allowed us to secure eleven new hires in April alone. All of this would not be possible without the emphasis on our core values in decision making and ensuring our employees and potential new hires are already exhibiting signs of living our values. Efficiency, trust, and commitment are critical for their continued success on our team.

As we continue to grow throughout the year, we are looking for individuals who are proficient in DevOps Engineering, Software Engineering, and Linux Administration Skills. If this sounds like you, please leave your information in the contact box on our blog page.

The Team at Powder River Industries

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